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Apple raised prices in the British App Store by 25% due to the fall in the pound after Brexit

Apple raises prices in App Store in UK, Turkey and India. About it reports the edition 9to5Mac. In England California giant started to sell digital content based £0.99 per $1, whereas prior to this the dollar was worth from £0,79.

The increase was related to the games and applications in the online App store, which caused outrage users in the UK. Now the apps that previously cost £0,79 (approximately 57 RUB) rose to £0,99 (71.), those that cost £1,49 (107 rubles), increased in price to £1.99, the (143.), and such titles as Super Mario Run, previously costing £7,49 (538 rubles) will now cost the British £9,99 (682 rubles). Thus, the growth rate was 15-25%.

The economic downturn and volatility in the stock markets have become inevitable for the UK after the decision on withdrawal from the EU. Now problems can start for Apple, as users will be less to purchase digital content. In turn, this will reduce earnings of American corporations, for which the UK is one of the key markets.

In October last year Apple has increased the price of Mac computers in the UK. 13-inch MacBook Air now costs £949 (68 300 RUB.), whereas previously it was sold for £849 (61 to 100 rubles). For the 12-inch MacBook asking £1249 (90 000 rubles), instead of £1049 (75 500 RUB.). A workstation Mac Pro has risen from £500 (36 000 RUB). The device is now for sale for £2999 (216 000 RUB.) instead of £2499 (180 000 RUB.)

After the referendum in June last year, the pound has fallen about 20% against the dollar, and analysts expect price increases on various products, which will adversely affect the real incomes of the British.

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