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Apple found a way to solve the problem of hair loss AirPods ears

The release of the AirPods is held under the slogan “the magic Apple” and is accompanied by tirades of analysts, who claim that Tim cook has not broken his promise and has done humanity a great gift for the New year. However, it was not so smooth: after the announcement in September, release innovative headset was postponed several times.

Anyway, AirPods went on sale and they can rightly be considered one of the most unusual devices for the last time. The gadget is not even the headphones, it’s more of a wearable product. Due to the processor W1 they have much more features than the standard headset including Siri support.

But, judging by a patent application Apple is already working on the second generation AirPods. Changes probably will not affect the design, but will bring several significant improvements at the level of functionality. In particular, a unique innovation 2 AirPods can become a special mount, which will reduce the number of fall out of their ears.

In the patent Apple describes the arc attachment that fits over the ear and holds the earpiece due to the magnetic force. The mount can not be removed: the user may at any time remove the headset, leaving the magnetic loop on the ear.

New wireless earphone Apple famously dismantled faster than expected to exit. AirPods are now available on the website of the manufacturer, as the first limited edition, went on sale recently, was quickly sold out. Sources report that Apple has already given the command of the company Inventec, engaged in the production of headphones, to increase production in order to meet the high demand headphones. The corresponding Assembly line are now working overtime.

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