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Pavel Durov: In Russia listen to all

In Russia, record the conversations of all citizens, said the founder of a social network “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov in an interview with the Kernel, BG reports with reference to Medialeaks.

Durov explains such a wiretap citizens that “the country is governed by people of intelligence.” “He understands that it’s good to have something for everyone, just in case. Information is power, especially in the 21st century. The more information, the more power. If someone will open government cases, as Snowden revealed the NSA, all media will publish, and society would be against it”, — quotes Durov edition.

Watching the citizens not only in Russia: it is known that the U.S. government is responsible for wiretapping worldwide, Durov says, citing documents from Edward Snowden. According to him, Snowden even considered his offer to work “Vkontakte”, but refused for security reasons.

Within two years of its existence Durov offered to all who wish to crack the encryption Telegram, but none that has not yet happened. One of the participants however pointed out the weaknesses of the program and won $ 100,000. Now a non-profit Telegram will not make you any money. Money for salaries and maintenance are allocated by Durov (about $ 1 million per month). However, in the near future will be developed by the business model. “I think we will soon start to experiment. It will not include a paid option, subscription or ads. Telegram will always be free for the user. Monetization is likely to include a platform for third-party developers and division of proceeds,” says the actor. According to him, now messenger are 62 million people.

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After a long conflict with the shareholders of “Vkontakte” on April 21, 2014 Pavel Durov has been fired as CEO of the social network. He soon left the country and announced plans to develop a new social network. Russia Durov called “incompatible” with the Internet business of the country. The company came under the control of Mail.Ru Group. Durov also said that to his dismissal involved the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin.

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