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On the Internet “walks” a new virus for Mac

16.01.2018 Erika J. Wells 0 Comments

In the network appeared information about the new malware attacking Apple computers.


On the Internet “walks” a new virus for Mac

Security experts said the virus OSX/MaMi. According to them, this virus is a lot like the infamous DNSChanger – Estonian Trojan that has infected millions of devices in 2012.


A former NSA hacker Patrick Wardle announced that OSX/MaMi can be used by hackers to steal personal data. He also added that current antivirus software cannot detect OSX/MaMI.

“This virus is not too advanced and unusual, but it allows you to quietly enter the system and greatly harm the owner of the computer. For example, it is possible to take control of the Internet traffic passing between the user device and the external network. Criminals use this trick to show people additional advertising or to steal passwords,” he added Wordl.


It is still unknown who is developing OSX/MaMi and how it spreads. It is believed that it sent by mail, masking letters in the mail from known companies.

This virus changes the DNS server that is connected to the computer. Therefore, in order to scan an infected system or not, you need to open the DNS settings and make sure they have not changed in or These addresses are used ON the computer.

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