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Apple sends invitations to the presentation of iOS and macOS 11 10.13

Apple sends invitations to journalists and media representatives to the presentation of the operating systems iOS and macOS 11 10.13, which will be held in the framework of the conference WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). Announcement of novelties will take place on 5 June – the first day of official events for developers.

Apple announced the WWDC conference in February 2017. This year the event will move to a new location – the Convention center. Machinery, located in San Jose (CA, USA).

The last few years, the venue of WWDC was the exhibition complex Moscone Center West in San Francisco, but now there are construction works on the extension of the building. Besides, Apple has made the choice not random. The fact that the Convention center is. Machinery was the venue of the WWDC from 1998 to 2002 besides, it is just a few minutes from the still unfinished new headquarters Apple Campus 2.

As usual at WWDC we can expect the announcement of the next major releases of iOS and macOS 11 10.13, as well as updated operating systems watchOS and tvOS. Apple to announce latest features in their OS, so that developers can make full use of them in their products. The day of the show is expected to launch a public beta version of the new OS, and their final release will take place in autumn.

Also at WWDC is expected to show new iPads and “smart” speakers, Speaker, Siri, the rumors of which go on the network.

By the way, Apple prohibits the parties from WWDC 2017 to make audio or video recordings of the event, to bring professional photo equipment, tripods and even selfie sticks, as the latter interfere with the other.

As for the conference for developers, it will last for five days and you can get to it on a lottery system. Apple randomly chose who is allowed to purchase a ticket. The relevant notice, the company has sent out to the email addresses of the developers. It is expected that the conference will be attended by about 5,000 programmers from around the world.

Within WWDC 2017 will be held technical seminars, where Apple engineers will discuss a wide range of topics directly related to the development, deployment, and integration into the application of advanced technologies embodied in iOS and macOS. In addition, there will be organized practical classes.

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