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Best free entertainment apps for iPad

The number of apps in the App Store increases every day. MacDigger the editors have prepared a selection of the best free entertainment apps for iPad.

Lego AR-Studio

Fans of the designer, young parents and those who remain kids at heart, will be delighted with the opportunity to build incredible objects from an endless supply of Lego bricks. The undoubted advantages of the program include the fact that small parts will not get lost, and they do not need to clean the place.

Application language: English.

Download on the App Store.


Colorful app for those who like to make beautiful favorite quotes and it collects philosophical thought. The result of the creativity you can share with friends on social networks.

Download on the App Store.


The application to which you can send links to publications from various sources, to read them later. You can install it on different devices, you can read articles on any of the gadgets. The user can access the needed materials at any time, even if there is no network connectivity to quickly find and sort them. The app also allows you to take notes during the reading.

Download on the App Store.

Notes of blindness VR

App that helps you to understand how it perceives the world of blind people. It focuses on the sounds and blurred images in order for people to be able to use all the senses.

Download on the App Store.


Funny coloring for drawing by numbers. In the app’s library contains many images that will keep children entertained and help pass the time for adults.

Download on the App Store.

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