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Why buy an iPod doesn’t make sense

IPod update this week for some was a big surprise, for others a welcome event. Now, when after several years of silence, Apple finally drew attention to the iPod line, had the opportunity to think about purchasing a player. Advice that can be given in this case – do not do it.

Apple refreshed the line, adding new toppings in iPod touch and refreshing color iPod nano and iPod shuffle. However, in 2015 you can find a much better use of money than buying an iPod. There are several reasons why you should not look in the direction of the music player Apple.

Apple Music does not work with iPod nano and iPod shuffle

Want to use on iPod branded streaming Apple? Unless you have an iPod touch, you will not succeed. Any iPod nano or iPod shuffle does not support Apple music service.

This means that you have to remember the old times” and buy songs and albums to your player in iTunes or download them from torrents. You can hope that Apple make Apple Music available on all of its multimedia players, but here we come to the next point…

Apple don’t care about iPod

Someone might disagree, but still: update to the series was quite superficial. 8-megapixel camera and an A8 processor in the iPod touch is, of course, great, but the unit is still lagging behind the iPhone.

Apple adds to iPod touch 4.7-inch display, but even that is not important. Firmware iPod nano has not received a redesign in the style of iOS 7: it is still made in the best traditions iOS 6 – with skeuomorphs icons, buttons, and bold fonts.

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Apple did not even bother to update the software to bring its design in line with the new philosophy. So firmware iPod nano is hardly ever updated, since it hasn’t happened now. According to rumors, all responsible for the development of the player interface command was transferred to the Apple Watch project.

Even the new colors are not encouraging. Once the iPod was the brightest Apple product line. Remember a wide variety of colors old nano models? Now all Apple iPods are available in three standard colors plus two typical gender-specific pink and blue.

Apple Music will appear on Android

If you have an Android smartphone and you wanted a iPod for access to iTunes, just wait: this autumn will be the official Apple Music app for Android. The service costs $ 169 per month will get you access to your entire music library to Apple. Because soon he will appear on Android, it makes no sense to buy a separate gadget for music. You can just use the “Google phone”.

Also, if you don’t want to wait for Apple Music, you can always use the same Yandex.Music or Google Music. Both services have apps in Google Play.

Sooner or later you will have a smartphone

The last group of people who may need the iPod – those who still walks with the regular dialer and therefore needs a player. However, such people sooner or later will become the owners of the smartphone. The speed of the implementation of omniano” much faster than the adoption of any other technology in the industry. So don’t throw away your money on an iPod now, because soon will come the time to buy a new smartphone.

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Apple releases iPod only for a small group of fans who still see the need for such a device. But if you are reading this, then most likely you already have the gadget with iOS or Android, musical opportunities which is quite enough. And whether you want to buy a product that does not believe Apple itself?

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