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Netatmo has started selling security cameras with face detection function Welcome

Video surveillance systems today hardly anyone was surprised. But is it really efficient to install home security cameras that broadcast the image in real time, if you constantly look at what is happening in the room, nobody? French company Netatmo has proposed an elegant solution to this problem. Welcome the camera automatically recognizes people’s faces that are included in the scope of the camera, and sends the homeowner a message.

The camera displays a Welcome provision of home security to a new level and saves a lot of money — to pay the guard and by preventing burglaries.

The device is made in the form of a cylinder made of anodized aluminium and has an unusual feature — the gadget is able to recognize faces, trapped in the frame. In Netatmo noted that previous camera can recognize only static images, so do not always work correctly, especially when coming home of the children they’re constantly in motion. The new version detects any image – static, and dynamic.

“We take moving pictures with a HD camera in your home, then perform face detection in your family, then immediately sent a message to your smartphone to tell you who is home when you are not there,” said Matthew Broadway, Executive Director of the company.

Welcome supports Full HD and has a viewing angle of 130 degrees. The presence of IR LEDs enables new product shoot in the dark. The authors provided two options for connecting the camera to the router via wifi or with a network cable. The device is able not only to stream video to a mobile device, but also to record it on local storage, which is microSD card. Proprietary software supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android device.

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According to the manufacturer, Welcome not only protect you from thieves, but also prevent adultery or the appearance of the apartment other unwanted guests – for example, weird your children’s friends. Users can choose to view a video Welcome online.

Netatmo Welcome went on sale at a price of about $ 335.

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