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iPhone vs. Galaxy: the superiority of Apple products over the years only grows [video]

According to statistics, most users change smartphones in 1-2 years after purchase. But, what if in 2011 you decided to buy an iPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S II and still use the gadget? Great Austin Evans decided to compare two competing smartphone, released five years ago.

The first thing that drew the attention of Evans – device design. Years later, the iPhone looks much more modern Galaxy S II. And it’s not just about the superiority of glass over plastic, but also about the iOS interface. Apple still releases updates for the iPhone 4s, because the device supports all the latest features and applications. Galaxy S II stuck on Android 4.1 Jellybean is the OS 2012.

iPhone 4s running iOS 9 can’t boast the same performance as, for example, the iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6s. But this is compensated by the fact that the user has access to all the latest developments of Apple – the latest version of Safari, iCloud, iMessage, Photostream, and third-party App Store apps, most of which work on the 4-inch device with iOS 9.

None of the smartphone in the Android ecosystem can boast such a period of technical support, says the author of the review. Even for a “reference” Android-smartphone Nexus updates are released only 2-3 years. Samsung bothered to update the Galaxy S II one year after graduation.

Otherwise, both phones iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S II – it is working gadgets for unpretentious users, concluded Evans.

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