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“Lose weight”: an app that will teach you how to eat properly

Office workers know firsthand, what is sedentary lifestyle, haphazard snacking and the almost complete absence of physical activity. This way of life is fraught with not only extra inches around the waist, but and health problems that may arise in the future. To help in this situation can come the app “lose Weight”, which is the personal adviser on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping to keep fit without dieting and specialists.

Interface “to lose Weight” is very simple, so to understand what is happening is not difficult. To make it even easier, the developers have added tips at the start. However, now it is nothing more than good manners, rather than an optional service.

Also at the start you will be prompted to choose one of the nutrition programs. So you will be able to stick to the daily diet and perform selected physical exercises. It’s funny that such exercises are usually 10 minutes of squats or 30 minutes of walking and not going to the gym after work. The approach is really unusual, however, if you think about it, many kinds of physical activity like cleaning the house, which we usually do not take into account, really help to burn a few hundred calories. By the way, if you eat something unplanned dish not included in the daily diet, these data also can be added to the application. Another important parameter is the regularity of meals. Reminders and notifications of training sessions are enabled and disabled in the application settings. Skip a meal or scheduled workout will be difficult.

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It is interesting that in “lose Weight” not to follow a certain nutrition programs. When you run the application, just specify that you want to lose weight on their own. Next, the system will automatically calculate the required daily amount of calories based on the input parameters of height and weight. Data about food and exercise in this case would have to fill in themselves.

All the dishes in the application marked with green, yellow and red colors, depending on the benefit the body. Green — good, yellow — average degree of usefulness, red — harmful dish. There is also a feature of auto-largely facilitate the entry process. When filling in the data, the system will guess what dish you want to enter, and offer the appropriate options from the list. The developers claim that the app contains a database of 51,000 dishes, so finding food will be easy.

There is also diet recipes. When adding data about the food on the dishes you need to click on the “Recipe”. After that you will be redirected to the detailed description with photo. The recipes-not all dishes, but in General this function can be useful for people who want to eat healthy and to cook only healthy food.

Progress in weight reduction can be tracked on the charts. In “lose Weight” is quite voluminous statistics. Here not only charts a weight loss nutritional value, or the amount of water you drink, but also, for example, the ratio of the appropriate amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet current. If interested, will find all the reports in the tab “More”.

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Another distinctive feature of “lose Weight” — database of tips, some of which are shown at application startup. As a rule, these are short notes about maintaining a healthy lifestyle or a little “life hacks” on nutrition. Disable them in the settings app or directly on the screen with a new tip.

Overall the app “lose Weight” has left a good impression. Intuitive interface catches from the first minute, because there is nothing superfluous. Probably even a novice iPhone user can quickly understand and start to use “Lose”. Integrated nutrition programs and tips also simplify the work with the application.

Also very convenient that all progress is always on the mind: it can be tracked on the charts, the calendar, and just leafing through a food diary. Thus to enter data about food and exercise takes no more than 10 minutes a day. Moreover, the developers have introduced some gaming elements. Regularly filling the data about the food, drinking water and exercise during the week, you earn bonus points that can be redeemed for the full version of “Lose”.

But there is a fly in the ointment: the free version of the app is available for only 2 of the diet program. The rest are bought separately. Also will not work reminders about water. The basic functions however, are available for free without any restrictions. We also managed to find a version of the Android app. In Google Play it’s called “lose Weight without dieting”. Maybe someone will be interested.

Download “lose Weight” on your iPhone and iPad here.

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