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Named the most annoying features of Apple Watch

Who does not know the Apple Watch? Watch know everything. Such variation of the famous poem by Agnes Barto about Lyuba more than justified. “Smart” watches Apple not only extend the capabilities of the iPhone and make life easier for the user, but are a stylish accessory to underline the status of the owner. Despite the great track record of the gadget, the Apple Watch, there were a few shortcomings, most of which, incidentally, is related to the newness of the product. What will have to face the holders hours? Blogger under the nickname Alexmak have listed the shortcomings of the Apple Watch, which will have to put up buyers new items.

First place by irritating factors in Apple Watch was awarded to the unpredictability of the screen. Function is extremely unstable.

“Apple terribly proud to watch include the screen when they determine that the user lifts wrist to see the time on the clock. And most often it works, but often it doesn’t work! So you like bring your wrist as usual, and you are met by a dark screen. This is especially annoying, because often the screen is not lit when you want to see the time, and from any other movements, when it was not required… Necessary to do a second and sometimes a third gesture of raising the wrist to see the time,” writes the blogger.

Probably this algorithm in the future will be optimized through software updates. But the first users have to deal with this now.

On the second place by irritation blogger called the slowness of the device. Since the Apple Watch have to ask for data to the iPhone, users often see on your screen a wheel load.

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“The wheel of progress of data loading Apple Watch users see often, I would even say that too often. This is especially true of third-party apps, though developers too can understand. For example, the CNN app is the wheel load data may 10-15 seconds spinning — by this time, we get tired of holding her hand, and no news already do not want to read. Yes, most applications tied to their “big brothers” for iPhone to retrieve data, and even to draw some screens, but the problem of the brakes is of no less annoying,” he says.

As the blogger mentions, “slow” applications not only from third-party vendors, freezes and native applications. Applications that are often pleased with the progress of the download — branded weather and Apple maps.

Another problem relates to the dampness of the software. Striving for secrecy, Apple gave developers an opportunity to get a watch only together with all the other users. In the end, many of the applications in the first version of what little good:

“The same Instagram that allows you to see comments to the photo, but don’t see my photo in it, and even comment truncates to the first two rows. Or the Twitter app, which for some reason shows a Twitter feed and top trends, but does not read the notice”.

Among other problems are noted: the inability to respond to emails, incorrect measurements of the frequency of heart beats, the problems of reading a QR code, a limited number of dials, spontaneous installing some applications.

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“Discourage these shortcomings, the desire to continue to use the watch? Definitely not, especially because it is clear that it will only be better, but to expect that you will meet bug-free present, or future, is not worth it”, he concluded.

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