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The loonie received third-degree burns due to burning iPhone 5c [photos]

Another case of spontaneous combustion iPhone registered in Canada. This time the participants of the incident was the iPhone 5c, bought a couple of months ago.

Spontaneous combustion smartphone turned to 16-year-old canadian named Schultz third-degree burns. The incident happened in the night from Saturday to Sunday, but the publicity he received just now. Teen connect your iPhone to the adapter, and then went to bed. At about 6.00 a.m. he woke up from a cotton – exploded battery of the mobile device.

Escaped the cries of the boy’s family found that the flame has almost covered his bed, but he’d put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. On leg and arm Schultz left visible burn marks.

As it was established later that the culprit was not the iPhone itself, and non-original power adapter that was purchased shortly before that at one of the gas stations.

This is not the only case of spontaneous combustion of Apple smartphones. Earlier it was reported about a similar incident in Brazil. Fire Communicator also occurred during the overnight charge. The device began to sparkle and puffed beside the bed of his owner. As reported by the Brazilian media, the user had time to Wake up and was not injured.

In the USA also recorded a case of the explosion of the iPhone. The owner of the Communicator told that the tube is lit up, while on the nightstand near the bed, near her head while she slept. The device was connected to the mains.

Last year Apple launched a campaign, which urged all iPhone users for free exchange of non-original chargers to their branded counterparts. The company stressed that some models of adapters are creating for users of a security threat.

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