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Users 77% of compatible devices were updated to iOS 9

Apple unveiled the latest statistics which indicates that the latest version of the software platform iOS 9 installed on 77% of compatible devices. If you consider that the iOS 9 launch took place almost five months ago, during this short period of time users are two to three iPhone is already updated to current OS.

The launch of iOS 9 was held in September, after such a short period three of the four users of the devices on which you can install this OS was already updated. After 5 days after the launch of this version Apple’s mobile operating system topped 50%. Two months earlier, the iOS 9 penetration reached 66% and the previous month her presence had increased to 70%. At the end of January the proportion of OS was 76%, i.e. more and more users are switching to the new operating system Apple.

In Cupertino has previously stated that “nine” has set a record for speed before you switch users. According to the statistics of the company, the rate of adaptation of iOS 9 are not reduced.

In January, Apple began testing iOS update 9.3, which includes a number of innovations, among which was a “night mode” Night Shift, which changes the colour temperature of your screen depending on time of day, the Apple School, the ability to bind to an iPhone a few smart watches Apple Watch and several others.

It should be noted that the most recent version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the month of January made a “significant breakthrough” and finally, exceeded 1% market share. Now the newest edition of the Google platform installed on 1.2% of devices, which is significantly more than in the previous month (0.7 percent). Recall, since the release of Android 6.0 is also almost five months have passed.

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Some analysts note, are of the opinion that the comparison of the results of iOS and Android doesn’t make sense, because Google takes a different strategy with newer versions of this operating system, releasing the update in phases for different devices.

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