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Most iPhone users are ready to buy the Apple car without even seeing it

After the emergence of rumors about Apple on the project Project Titan electric car, many are already thinking about purchasing the “iCar”. At least so say the experts of the analytical companies Nielsen and SBD who interviewed 14,000 people in the United States.

Analysts conducted a study among iPhone owners and found that 53% of the owners of “Apple” smartphones are likely to purchase the car under the Apple brand. 47%, i.e. less than half, do not consider this choice for yourself most likely.

20% of respondents considering buying a car, “most likely” will make a choice in favor of iCar, 12% – “quite likely” and 10% “very likely” and 11% “almost certainly”.

It is known that Apple has already communicates with experts in the field of automotive industry and suppliers of products for vehicles to study the issue of creating autopiloting electric vehicle. And in Cupertino are going to produce exactly the entire car, not just ON or any of the individual components.

The Apple approach to business is characterized by the fact that the company is committed to vertical integration, we not only develop software but also designs hardware components of its products. This gives more control over the end result and to maximize profits. If the company decides to enter the market of cars, we can expect about the same approach.

In Nielsen and SBD note that most owners of smartphones iPhone ready to purchase the product favorite brand even seeing it and not knowing about its functional features.

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