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Apple will change the batteries in their products while reducing capacity by 20%

The batteries of mobile devices are unpleasant with time to lose capacity, therefore the use of gadgets with non-removable batteries users often add an extra headache. This week, Apple changed the terms of the warranty program AppleCare+, making it more attractive for owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch.

Earlier Apple was free to fix the defect or replace the battery of the mobile device with a new one if during the term of the warranty period, its capacity decreased to 50% of the original. Now the bar was raised to 80%, that is, once the battery capacity will decrease relative to the initial 20%, the user can contact the service center with the appropriate requirement.

In addition, a bit later it became known that a similar program now extends to the line of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Earlier Apple free change only the defective batteries in their laptops, in other cases, users had to pay $129 to $199.

This policy applies to all devices that were purchased after April 10 of this year, subject to clearance of the extended warranty.

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