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Microsoft stops support for Windows Vista

From April 11, Microsoft completely stops supporting the operating system Windows Vista. This is stated on the official website of the company.

Basic operating system support for Vista ended in 2012, it included free tech support, a warranty and release of patches and design changes. Extended support for included security updates and ended today.

“Microsoft provided support for Windows Vista users in the last 10 years, but the time has come for us and our partners in the hardware and software resources to invest in more modern technologies so that we can continue to delight you with new opportunities,” Microsoft.

PC running Windows Vista will work but will become vulnerable to malware, Microsoft warned. Some programs may stop working, as most manufacturers optimize their products for the latest versions of Windows.

Windows Vista debuted in January 2007 and is considered the worst operating system of Microsoft. Since the release of Windows XP nearly six years have passed, and Redmond realized that delayed the release of the next OS. Thus, the company had tight deadlines to submit Vista, sacrificing some of the features disclosed earlier. Load the users have got inflation, brakes, hardware and software incompatibility and other absurdities.

The list of problems Windows Vista is not the end. OS not supported some software successfully runs on Windows XP. Having problems with USB support. On top of the performance left much to be desired, even compared to the previous version of the OS.

Sales of Vista have stopped in October 2010, and now Vista users have less than 1% of all computers connected to the Internet. For comparison: the share of Windows XP is approximately 7%, the share of Windows 7 is almost 50%.

Previously, the creators project Hacking Jules installed the Windows Vista operating system on the iPhone 7.

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