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Ubuntu is now available in the Windows store for Windows 10

Microsoft has placed in Windows Store one of the most popular Linux distributions that you can install inside Windows 10. The store was available for Ubuntu in the near future should appear in SUSE and Fedora.

Ubuntu runs in an isolated environment (“sandbox”) at the same time with Windows 10 and allows you to use command line utility. Ubuntu is the main OS to access files and hardware. In the same way will work on other Linux distributions.

In order to run Ubuntu, you need to go to control panel and select “Enable or disable software components Windows”. There is need to select “Windows Subsystem for Linux”. After this will reboot the system.

The emergence of Linux distributions in the Windows store was announced in may at Microsoft Build conference 2017 in Seattle, USA. Microsoft has announced that after the Ubuntu store will also be added SUSE and Fedora.

Under the installation of Ubuntu, SUSE and Fedora inside Windows 10 is not a complete distribution with graphical user interface, a display server and a set of X11 applications. We are talking only about user space and the development environment that run without the costs of virtualization and emulation. Available to all command-line utilities that are present in a typical installation.

In Microsoft explained that the decision to combine Linux and Windows was made after a large number of requests from developers.

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