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Microsoft Seeing AI: the app that describes the world around you [video]

13.07.2017 0 Comments

Microsoft has released a new app that aims to help visually impaired and blind people in everyday life. The development, dubbed Seeing AI available on iOS devices.

Microsoft Seeing AI: the app that describes the world around you [video]

In the work of Seeing AI used machine learning algorithms, so the application is able to identify people and their emotions, recognize documents and banknotes, reading the text, to read information from barcodes and even see pictures.

Pattern recognition is not something new, but the developers from Redmond have significantly improved this technology. Intelligent application for iPhone allows you to simply hold your smartphone in front of him and listen to information about the world around them.

If you point a smartphone camera at the document, Seeing the AI will give you hints on how best to align the frame so it hit the whole text.

Today Seeing AI is available for free download on the App store. Currently it can only load users from USA, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. Microsoft promised that soon the program will be available in other countries.


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