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Fans of “Chinese Apple” called 5 reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi5S instead of the iPhone 7

In late September, Xiaomi has officially unveiled its new high-end smartphone Mi5S and its larger modification Mi5S Plus. Top model “Chinese Apple” interesting and powerful features, advanced fingerprint scanner, all-metal housing and dual camera.

Fans of Xiaomi Prostotech called five reasons why users should abandon the iPhone 7 in favor of Xiaomi Mi5 S.

1. The original design

The first thing that you notice looking at the Xiaomi Mi5 is its fragile glass housing. In the top model Mi5 Pro with the case of ceramics, things are not better, he is also afraid of falling, like the original glass Mi5. In the new flagship Xiaomi Mi5S on the iPhone 7, used metal. The casing is brushed aluminium, offers “seamless, besknopochnogo design”. There is a choice of four colors: gray, silver, gold and color rose gold.

2. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

The undeniable advantage of Xiaomi Mi5S is the availability of a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. At the presentation of the smartphone, Mr. lei Jun announced that engineers and leading developers Xiaomi spent two years on the adaptation of such scanners to their smartphones. This method of reading biometric data gives not flat, but three-dimensional image of papillary pattern, which is of course more reliable than the existing methods. The ultrasonic sensor allows you to read data even when hands are wet or dirty.

3. The battery on 3200 mAh battery with support for fast charging

The Xiaomi Mi5S set more capacious battery in comparison with iPhone 7. Here we use Li-polymer battery 3200 mAh technology to support quick charge Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Of course, the capacity of the battery is not 4000 mAh as e 3 Redmi / Redmi Note 3, but 3200 mAh is not a bad result. In the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a battery is installed in the 1960s and 2900 mAh, respectively.

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4. Display, force-sensitive taps

The top version Xiaomi Mi5S got the screen with 3D Touch support. Similar technology has on the iPhone 7 and Meizu Pro 6 with 3D Press. Function is very controversial, yet there aren’t enough Android applications that would recognize the power taps on the display. However, this is the first Xiaomi smartphone which has got a similar technology, so why not to try?

5. Price

Xiaomi Mi5S with a storage capacity of 64 GB will cost $300, and 128 GB is $345, which is significantly below the price of the iPhone 7. The flagship of Apple in the minimum configuration costs $649, version with 128 GB of memory will cost $749, 256 GB – $849. The cost Xiaomi Mi5S Plus, in turn, is $345 per option at 4/64 GB and $390 for the top-end modification with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. The official cost of iPhone 7 Plus is $769, $869 and $969 for models with 32, 128 and 267 GB of memory.

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