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A blind resident of Yekaterinburg hitchhiked to lake Baikal, focusing on iPhone

The important difference with Apple technologies — they can be used by everyone, including people with disabilities. Blind disabled from Ekaterinburg hitchhiked on a journey to lake Baikal, using the capabilities of the iPhone.

iPhone was developed for all kinds of people. Users with visual impairments can do on your smartphone a group selfie, and hearing — to make a call to another country. And even people paralyzed from the neck down, can send friends text messages.

Two residents of Yekaterinburg — a graduate of Urfu, the visually impaired Vladimir Vaskevich and press-Secretary of the Sverdlovsk regional center of rehabilitation of invalids Vera Zolotareva — hitchhiking went on an expedition “From the Urals to lake Baikal”, relying on the capabilities of an iPhone. As reported by the Sign, the journey is a stage of preparation for the First world Congress of people with disabilities, which will be held in September.

The travel route passes through Tyumen, Yalutorovsk, Zavodoukovsk, Omsk, Russia, Tyukalinsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, itatskiy, Bogotol, Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kansk, Irkutsk, Thelma, Irkutsk, and Elantsy Olkhon island. Then the Urals are going a week and a half to spend Hiking around the area of lake Baikal.

Thanks to the iPhone, the lack of vision does not prevent Vladimir to navigate through the maps and plot a route. That he doesn’t see many drivers guess not at once. “He leads our expedition, he’s literate, he asks so that I can see. I start talking to him, and he continues. He’s got a “speaking” phone: there is a function on the iPhone — all that we see, hear for the blind. He says: “let me check” and puts the phone to his ear,” explained the girl.

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To Vladimir could also enjoy the views of lake Baikal, Faith will describe to him what he sees. “We try to communicate with the local that they described. Vova at the smells, feel the energy,” says the girl.

On the way they meet mostly nice and helpful people. More than two hours on the road do not have to stand. Some drivers even pass dozens of extra miles to pick up travelers at the most convenient place for them.

By the way, for the journey of Vladimir and Vera are going to spend no more than 10 000 rubles per person.

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