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iPhone 8 will be a revolutionary camera with laser for measuring the depth of the image

Edition of Fast Company in a recent report claims that iPhone 8 will be the revolutionary system the main camera with a laser module for three-dimensional scanning space. The new components reportedly will be used to complement conventional photographs captured with the main camera, the data on the back of the stage for the introduction of several new features in the area of augmented reality.

According to the source, in the main chamber iPhone 8 will be used VCSEL based on the technology of surface-emitting laser with a vertical resonator.

“VCSEL laser system calculates the distance that the light travels from the emitter to the target and back, generating the parameter is Time of Flight (TOF). The system consists of a source (laser, VCSEL), a lens, detector (sensor) and processor. The cost of the system for one phone is about 2 dollars,” — says the publication.

This technology is supposed to allow you to implement more rapid and accurate measurement of the depth image for augmented reality, as well as faster autofocus.

Apparently, the sensor 8 will allow the iPhone to determine the location and calculate the distance to objects in the frame. In fact, the functionality of determining depth have limited the iPhone 7 Plus, dual camera which uses the optical zoom to compensate for the distance to the object.

Informed sources reported, that the front-facing 3D camera iPhone 8 will be much better in terms of features, estimation of the depth of the scene through a separate infrared transmitter and receiver. The first will form a vertically emitting laser company Lumentum. The principle of operation of 3D system follows: the laser will send out invisible infrared light and the IR receiver will capture the moment of recoiling object, creating its three-dimensional projection.

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It is reported that Apple is “years ahead” of Android in terms of algorithms to create 3D images. It’s own software displays the iPhone camera 8 to a qualitatively new level, making it the main feature of the smartphone for years to come.

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