Microsoft has shared new information about the Series X console

Microsoft announced the new generation of the Series X game console back in December last year: the changed look of the device generated a huge number of memes – we even have a selection of the best:


Fridge, GameCube and Yandex.Station: gathering network reactions to the Xbox Series X

Microsoft has shared new information about the Series X console

Ilya Kichaev

December 13, 2019

Today the company published new information about the console, and we talk about the most interesting.

The processor is based on AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architecture with a performance of 12 teraflops. Very well! This is twice as much as the peak power of the previous generation console.

The Xbox Series X delivers a true technological leap between generations in computing and graphics performance thanks to cutting-edge technology that helps achieve higher frame rates, realizes large and complex game worlds and delivers exciting experiences that are different from anything seen in console games.

Phil Spencer

Head of Xbox Gaming

New generation SSDs with high download speeds have also been confirmed. Moreover, several games can be paused and minimized, and then, without a long download, return to them.

The console supports ray tracing thanks to the DirectX Raytracing hardware accelerator: games will have realistic lighting, reflection of surfaces, and so on. The Xbox Series X will support 120 FPS and HDMI 2.1 refresh rates with a variable refresh rate and reduced image delay.

Variable Reu Shading technology will allow developers to select priority objects in the game and not waste console resources on drawing, say, dark objects that are simply poorly visible.

Microsoft has shared new information about the Series X consoleGamepad of the new console. Source: Xbox

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And, for many, the most important point is that the console will support the games of the three previous generations of Xbox. Developers will not even have to optimize anything: Series X will automatically “fit” old games with new hardware, high resolution and a stable frame rate.

As previously reported, the Xbox Series X will go on sale later this year – before the Christmas holidays.

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