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Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

On Wednesday the 2017 Build event, Microsoft announced the final version of the integrated development environment of Visual Studio for the Mac. Now developers on the Mac have the same opportunities as their colleagues with Windows.

The announcement and release preview release of Visual Studio took place in November last year. The program is run under macOS, but a little different from the Windows version. The interface has received some visual changes to match the style of macOS. And PC Visual Studio for Mac comes with the Visual Studio code editor Code.

The product is built on the basis of redeemed Microsoft development platform Xamarin. Visual Studio for Mac, using the advantages of a cross-platform environment, is a mobile and cloud-based tool for development .Net and C#. Xamarin allows you to create a user interface from a set of visual elements that appear then in the corresponding operating system — Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Microsoft bought Xamarin developer in 2016. Later it was announced about releasing source code for the Xamarin SDK and the SDK itself will be thus included in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE as a free tool. As well as Xamarin Studio based on Visual Studio for Mac lies open source MonoDevelop IDE written in C# , and which, according to Cnews, Microsoft now actively develops.

The developers paid much attention to the issue of compatibility. Although there are not supported by all types of Visual Studio projects to support using the same MSBuild and the project format. While working on the project on macOS and Windows you can easily switch without additional translation files and projects.

Visual Studio for Mac was created with an eye on mobile devices, so you can create apps for iOS, Android, .NET Core and integration with Azure. Use as the basis of Xamarin Studio allows Visual Studio to Mac to have quality support development in C# for iOS, Android and Mac.

Download Visual Studio 2017 for Mac by clicking this link.

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