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“Sberbank Online” has started to give advice to users via artificial intelligence

Sberbank has announced a service that will analyze the behavior of app users “Sberbank Online” and to give the m advice. The Bank expects that the service will be interested in all 20 million users of mobile client of the company.


Sberbank launches the “My assistant” based on artificial intelligence that will predict human behavior and provide them in this regard relevant information. The service is implemented as a section for a mobile application “Sberbank Online”.

The service will collect user data (spending, savings, profile data), form them into mathematical models and based on them to draw conclusions, says RBC.

In the first phase the service has been downloaded about 40 models, designed on the basis of real-life situations. For example, the user has dramatically changed their behavior and began to spend much time in the children’s clothing stores. The service may assume that the user expects of the child and to provide him with a list of documents for registration of the newborn and addresses of agencies where it can be done.

Basically, the service offers simple tips after the analysis of user behavior. If the “My assistant” will record a monthly debit money, he will understand that the customer have a mortgage, and remind him that you can return tax. The service is able to respond to various triggers certain actions. For example, a user pays for a rental car abroad — assistant offered to fill the car at a petrol station on a secondary road where the gasoline is cheaper by 5-7%.

A new feature is not tied to the update app and 8 Feb Android users will automatically see a new section “My assistant” in the form of a list of relevant tips. IPhone owners can use the beginning of March. Some of the suggestions are relevant at the moment, will be sent as push notifications.

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