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Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

10.05.2017 0 Comments

Approaching WWDC 2017, in which Apple is expected to introduce the next major update of the iOS operating system 11 for the iPhone and iPad. It is believed that in connection with the anniversary the flagship of this year the platform will get a lot of innovations and improvements. The fans speculate and make lists of desired changes in iOS 11.

Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

Updated interface

Apple’s cost to work on the exterior of OSes: to refresh the design of the icons, add live icons (e.g., displaying the weather at the moment) and allow their free movement on the screen. In addition, to improve user experience would help sort apps alphabetically and the ability to disable or speed up animations.

Dark mode

Many users are looking forward to the dark mode interface, which was seen in one of the beta versions of the system last year. This should be possible as a full activation for the entire interface, or for certain items, such as a keyboard.

In addition, it is desirable to support more detailed setting display brightness. For example, the Chinese flagship Xiaomi Mi6 have had the opportunity to change this figure up to 1 NIT.

Improved control point

The company will have to do a lot of work with the control center. First of all, is a more efficient use of space in the blind: the switches should be smaller and placed on the same page. The 3D Touch has helped to secure additional quick actions for different icons.

Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

You can also add an immediate transition to the appropriate settings menu item with a long press on the switch.

Automatic energy saving mode

Most users prefer that the device automatically enters power saving mode when you reach the 20% charge instead of displaying annoying notifications. Also the switch could be in the control center.

Guest mode

A very useful innovation would be the ability to create multiple profiles on one system or the appearance of the guest (particularly on iPad). Often the family uses a tablet at all, and, of course, every user wants to protect your personal information from others.

Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

Also, you should be able to set a password on individual apps.

Grouping notifications

All notifications should be grouped by application. This will allow to restore order in the area and save space on the screen.

You also need to allow notifications while talking on the phone. So the user can quickly look at a message and determine its importance.

“Picture in picture” and a Split View on the iPhone

In Android Nougat appeared multi window mode that allows you to run on the screen at once two applications. This feature would be very useful in iOS 11 on iPhone.

Also company should think about implementing “picture in picture” on smartphones. It allows you to minimize the currently playing video in a small window and at the same time perform actions in other applications. It is expected that this feature will be one of the major innovations in Android O.

Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

Menu multitasking button is required to close all running applications. While Apple believes that the optimization of the system allows you to close unwanted applications without sacrificing performance, it may be necessary to free up the RAM. Close programs one by one is quite tedious.

In addition, it would be possible to add the ability to switch between vertical and horizontal layout of apps in the multitasking menu.

The settings in the camera

Need to configure a camera more comfortable and add support for gestures (for example, switching between the main and front camera by double-clicking on the display).

Also, users want to be able to use flash when recording a video, medium resolution, pause and resume recording. For those who are fond of photography will be useful the ability to create pictures in RAW format.

Control mode with one hand

The company should improve the management mode with one hand and make it available to use with the keyboard.

Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

Group FaceTime calls

It has been repeatedly stated that Apple should add support for group calls to FaceTime. This possibility has previously appeared in Skype and other video calling services.

Siri 2.0

While the virtual assistant Siri is inferior to its competitors in the face of Google Assistant and Bixby. It is believed that the manufacturer will greatly improve assistant this year Siri will learn to analyze the user’s behavior, understand the context and to perform complex tasks.

Would be handy if Siri will be able to perform basic tasks in offline mode.

Update Apple Music

Music app and service need serious improvement, as long as using them is not very convenient. You need to improve the design, sections and search function. You can also add the possibility to put like under the song directly from the lock screen, and skip tracks using gestures on the headphones AirPods.

Adjusting the sound

It will be convenient, if there are separate sound settings for calls, messages, alarm, etc. Besides, Apple needs to allow users to download and set ringtones for incoming calls and change system sounds. For example, the sound when taking a screenshot is the same as sound when the shutter is released the camera that is not very convenient in some situations.

New Wallpaper

Of course, many users think of your home screen. First of all, companies should abandon the gray filter overlay on the image when setting it as Wallpaper the screen. Also, you need to add more live Wallpaper and stop to remove the old and already loved by users of the image.

Apple Pay via iMessage

It will not hurt to improve search messages, add new effects and the ability to transfer via Apple Pay using iMessage. Also lack replies from a group chat.

Improved maps

Many would agree that companies should pay more attention to the Maps. While it is much inferior to similar services from Google and Yandex.

GIF support in Photo

In the photos app, you need to add support for GIF images, but each photo must be accompanied by a more detailed description (resolution, weight, etc.).

Data transfer

Add ability to set a limit of data transmission and to remove the limit of 100 MB over a cellular connection. When viewing usage statistics data sorting applications shall be by the amount of data transferred.

Top 20 most anticipated features in iOS 11 among iPhone and iPad users

In addition, users asking for support file transfer via Bluetooth on any gadgets, and the ability to change the device name.

New 3D Touch gestures

Previously, Apple added to your devices support 3D Touch, allowing you to recognize the strength of pressing the display. It’s time to expand its functionality. In addition, you need to somehow mark icons, which supports fast actions through the 3D Touch. Perhaps it will be an additional icon?

Automatic translation of websites in Safari

Brand Apple will only get better, if there will be a built-in translator, like Google Chrome. Also, you should add support for automatically opening tabs in incognito mode.

Special version for iPad

“Apple” tablets need a specialized version of the operating system, as their functionality is significantly different from smartphones. In addition, iPad should appear pre-installed apps “Weather” and “Calculator”. This is a really useful program, and it is very strange that they do not exist on tablets.

You can also add support for the mouse devices of the line iPad and Xcode to the iPad Pro.

These and many other smaller improvements, the owners of iOS-devices is expected in a future update. Some even speak of “legalizing” jailbreaking without further loss of warranty, although Apple I do not know when it will be done.

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