All Apple news promised ahead of “Yandex.Maps” and “Yandex.Navigator” for the year

The company Mail.Ru Group, last year became the owner of a map service Maps.Me, promised for the year ahead “Yandex.Maps” and “Yandex.Navigator”. This statement was made by the conference Mobile Day Vice President for new products Mail.Ru Group Yury Gursky.

As noted by the Vc, Gursky was a mentor Maps.Me and remained curator after the purchase of the company by the holding company. In the map service uses data from OpenStreetMap, an open non-profit project to create a community free and free world map.

“This year we will become a third card in the world,” said Yury Gursky. The first two places will be for Google Maps and Apple Maps. With them, he said, it is difficult to compete since they are preinstalled on operating systems iOS and Android by default.

“We are definitely ahead of “Yandex.Maps” and “Yandex.Navigator”, though with the latter we do not compete,” – said the representative of the Mail.Ru Group.

Mail.Ru Group bought a map service Maps.Me on the replacement of their “Cards” in November 2014. In March 2016 Gursky notes that in early 2015 the monthly audience of the service was about 1 million, and in February 2016 reached 10 million users. Mobile version “Yandex.Cards” in December 2015, took advantage of more than 13 million people, the web version of 20 million people.

In early March Mail.Ru Group announced the update Maps.Me, the main change which is a built-in editor that enables to edit the maps of OpenStreetMap. The service allows users to make changes to data on homes, pharmacies, stores, restaurants, Barber shops and other establishments. They can be applied to map change for more information, including a telephone, a work. You can also make a note about the absence in the real world of the object specified.

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Mapping application Maps.Me is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.

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