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In the network got the first images of the iPhone 6s [photos]

Latest news from the Apple fields: industrial spies in the environment contract suppliers Apple has labored spy photos of the aluminum chassis of the iPhone 6s, simultaneously revealing some of the specifications of the new flagship. That said the insiders, will not be a revelation to many: in the Apple decided to keep the form factor of the iPhone and instead focused on its internal content.

iPhone 6s design will almost everything with the current flagship, but will get more productive “stuffing” – 2 GB of RAM, a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixels and Force Touch display, the touch sensitivity. Rumors of a dual chamber or the thicker case was not confirmed.

iPhone 6s will store the location of the camera, flash, speaker, microphone and other interfaces. Despite the resemblance with the iPhone 6 inside the iPhone 6s will be arranged differently. The smartphone different arrangement of the internal components, which confirms the comparative image of the section: it is possible to notice a different arrangement of mounting elements inside the aluminum shell of the new flagship.

It is also alleged that the iPhone 6s will move to lower-cost Apple A9 processor, which will increase the battery life. The older model iPhone 6 Plus and the new generation of iPads will work on upgraded versions of the chip.

The debut of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be held simultaneously with the new iOS 9 this fall. According to insiders, the vehicles will be equipped with advanced fingerprint scanners integrated with the main button smartphones. Key innovations of the new items will be Force Touch technology and improved camera.

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