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HEIF vs JPEG: a comparison of the quality of the photos – video

Appleinsider took a few pictures in the format of HEIF and JPEG and compared their quality.

HEIF (High Efficiency Image File) is a new image format, which Apple introduced at WWDC 2017. According to the company, this format reduces file size without losing image quality.

Journalists from Appleinsider decided to check whether HEIF saves space without reducing the quality of the pictures. To do this, they took a few photos in two formats and compared them “head-on”. During testing it became clear that HEIF-photos “weigh” up to 80% less, than photos taken in JPEG. But the quality of the shots still fell.

If you look at the photos in the format of HEIF, we can see that these pictures are less detailed and the colors look dirty and greased. Especially the photo taken in the dark.

However, experts from Appleinsider is still recommended to use the new format, so as to notice the difference between HEIF and JPEG only in direct comparison.

It should be borne in mind that not all applications, network, and systems support HEIF. When you publish and export photos automatically converted to JPEG.

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