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Apple opposed the controversial “anti-gay law in North Carolina

Apple and 67 major U.S. corporations were against the law in North Carolina that infringe the rights of transgender people. State law prescribes access to the public toilets, depending on the sex recorded at birth. With the requirement to cancel it were made by many companies, and leading American Newspapers; neighbouring States forbade civil servants to travel to North Carolina unnecessarily.

In March of this year, the government of North Carolina passed a controversial law that was seen by many as restricting the rights of LGBT people in the state. The act entitled “an Act establishing the presence of persons of the same sex in the toilets and changing rooms in schools and municipal buildings, and creating common rules in the field of employment and public places.” Behind this long name lie two main provisions.

The first ban on new anti-discrimination laws. Now the cities and settlements of North Carolina it is forbidden to establish their own laws against discrimination — they must use only the laws of the state. The decision of Charlotte, this act is repealed, and the hotels can still refuse to accommodate a gay couple together, and businesses not to hire transgender people.

Second, the law requires transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms in schools and public institutions in accordance with their gender specified in the birth certificate. That is, a transgender man, the floor of which the documents specified as women, have to go to the bathroom with women, and nothing else. State institutions can create your personal dressing rooms for persons of any gender that will work for transgender people, the law, however, to do so is not binding.

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Illustration of the “toilet law” is the tweet of Michael Hughes, an activist for the rights of transgender people. “The Republicans want me to go to a toilet with her [the girl on the left], because at birth my gender was listed as female. But I do have a place in the women’s restroom?”

Human rights organizations have filed a lawsuit demanding to cancel the law, joined the company. Their leaders signed a letter to the Governor with a demand to repeal the law. In addition to the Apple defenders was supported by Airbnb, Cisco, eBay, IBM, Intel, Logitech, Microsoft, and PayPal.

“The law is contrary to the values shared by our company, our country and even the vast majority of residents of North Carolina,” — said in an open letter.

“Toilet law” North Carolina is not the only of that kind in the southern United States. In Mississippi recently, the rule that allows religious organizations and private companies to deny service to same-sex couples. In April, MPs in Tennessee passed a law allowing doctors to psychotherapists to refuse consulting to clients in if it is contrary to their convictions, but the law is not yet signed and in force has not entered. Are planned in Tennessee, the adoption and similar to North Carolina “toilet law”.

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