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Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new “six”

Apple started selling the updated iPhone 6 (2017). This phone is a revival released in 2014 of branded smartphone. The novelty is available with 32 GB of flash memory, although the phone offers only 16-, 64 – and 128-Gigabyte version of the smartphone. Belarus became one of the first countries, which began selling the iPhone 6, 2017. In the publication decided to check how up-to-date smartphone 2014 release and what it has differences from the original “six”.

The 32-Gigabyte version of the iPhone 6 presented in a silver version of the case. Characteristics completely consistent with the classical model: 4.7 inch screen with a resolution 1334h750 pixels, 8-megapixel main camera iSight with aperture f/2.2, and 1.2 MP front camera, 64-bit Apple A8 processor and 1GB of RAM. In Belarus, the device is sold for 999 rubles (about 30 500 RUB.).

1. The same model but different packaging

A 32-Gigabyte model has the same index as 16/64/128 GB device А1586 (“Europeans”), but the packaging design is different — as the front and ends. However, no mention of year (2017) in the name is just iPhone 6 32GB and nothing else.

Equipment is exactly the same as the smartphone of 2014 — unit charger, lightning cable, earphones, short user manual and a paper clip in the tray with the SIM card.

iPhone 6 (2017) to the left

iPhone 6 (2017) top

2. Faster memory

The main difference between the old and new smartphones — the volume of permanent memory. Original iPhone 6 was sold with 16, 64 or 128 GB of memory, and a new gadget is 32 GB. And if 16 GB by current standards very little (there is more that the user can use only 12 of them), 32GB (custom 27,8 GB) — option which will suit many.

More importantly — in the new smartphone use faster memory. Synthetic PerfomanceTest Mobile test showed that the write speed on the disk in a 32 GB version increased by 2 times compared to the original iPhone 6 from 35 to 70 Mbit/s. Although the main setting read speed has not changed and is at a level of 290 Mbps.

3. Enough power

In AnTuTu the smartphone is gaining 80,000 points is above average. iPhone 6 easy to digest even “hard” games. For example, the number of fps in the game WOT Blitz on the highest setting never dropped below 50.

The fly in the ointment is only 1 GB of RAM. However, for Apple devices this parameter is less important than for Android-based smartphones. In practice minimal inconvenience is potentially longer download apps (memory does not fit a lot of apps, and the smartphone has to constantly unload/load them into RAM).

4. What’s with the cameras?

Front camera in iPhone 6 is “indecent” for our time resolution of 1.2 MP. However, complaints to the pictures in good lighting here is almost there. Glad that frontalka at minimum “read” a picture and pictures don’t work “plasticine”.

Main module — 8 MP. By today’s standards, the camera is average. Pictures on a Sunny day be great, but as soon as the amount of light decreases, the pictures begin to “grey”, there is a large amount of noise.

5. Battery is a main disadvantage

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 nor 2014 or 2017 can not boast of high battery life. For example, in the rating GSMArena gadget received a total of 61 hours. In practice the active use of the smartphone will last from morning to evening, but usually not more.

To buy or not?

If you’ve been wanting to try iOS, but you were confused by the high price of Apple devices, the iPhone 6 (2017) will be a great option — highly recommend.

The smartphone is nice and bright 4.7-inch display, sufficient performance even for 3D games, normal camera, and most importantly — comfortable and fast operating system. The main disadvantages of the device — poor battery and the front camera is only 1.2 MP.

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