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Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new “six”

21.03.2017 0 Comments

Apple started selling the updated iPhone 6 (2017). This phone is a revival released in 2014 of branded smartphone. The novelty is available with 32 GB of flash memory, although the phone offers only 16-, 64 – and 128-Gigabyte version of the smartphone. Belarus became one of the first countries, which began selling the iPhone 6, 2017. In the publication decided to check how up-to-date smartphone 2014 release and what it has differences from the original “six”.


Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new "six"

The 32-Gigabyte version of the iPhone 6 presented in a silver version of the case. Characteristics completely consistent with the classical model: 4.7 inch screen with a resolution 1334h750 pixels, 8-megapixel main camera iSight with aperture f/2.2, and 1.2 MP front camera, 64-bit Apple A8 processor and 1GB of RAM. In Belarus, the device is sold for 999 rubles (about 30 500 RUB.).

1. The same model but different packaging


A 32-Gigabyte model has the same index as 16/64/128 GB device А1586 (“Europeans”), but the packaging design is different — as the front and ends. However, no mention of year (2017) in the name is just iPhone 6 32GB and nothing else.

Equipment is exactly the same as the smartphone of 2014 — unit charger, lightning cable, earphones, short user manual and a paper clip in the tray with the SIM card.

Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new "six"


iPhone 6 (2017) to the left

Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new "six"

iPhone 6 (2017) top

2. Faster memory

The main difference between the old and new smartphones — the volume of permanent memory. Original iPhone 6 was sold with 16, 64 or 128 GB of memory, and a new gadget is 32 GB. And if 16 GB by current standards very little (there is more that the user can use only 12 of them), 32GB (custom 27,8 GB) — option which will suit many.

Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new "six"

More importantly — in the new smartphone use faster memory. Synthetic PerfomanceTest Mobile test showed that the write speed on the disk in a 32 GB version increased by 2 times compared to the original iPhone 6 from 35 to 70 Mbit/s. Although the main setting read speed has not changed and is at a level of 290 Mbps.

3. Enough power

In AnTuTu the smartphone is gaining 80,000 points is above average. iPhone 6 easy to digest even “hard” games. For example, the number of fps in the game WOT Blitz on the highest setting never dropped below 50.

Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new "six"

The fly in the ointment is only 1 GB of RAM. However, for Apple devices this parameter is less important than for Android-based smartphones. In practice minimal inconvenience is potentially longer download apps (memory does not fit a lot of apps, and the smartphone has to constantly unload/load them into RAM).

4. What’s with the cameras?

Front camera in iPhone 6 is “indecent” for our time resolution of 1.2 MP. However, complaints to the pictures in good lighting here is almost there. Glad that frontalka at minimum “read” a picture and pictures don’t work “plasticine”.

Main module — 8 MP. By today’s standards, the camera is average. Pictures on a Sunny day be great, but as soon as the amount of light decreases, the pictures begin to “grey”, there is a large amount of noise.

5. Battery is a main disadvantage

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 nor 2014 or 2017 can not boast of high battery life. For example, in the rating GSMArena gadget received a total of 61 hours. In practice the active use of the smartphone will last from morning to evening, but usually not more.

Is it worth buying iPhone 6 (2017)? 5 features old-new "six"

To buy or not?

If you’ve been wanting to try iOS, but you were confused by the high price of Apple devices, the iPhone 6 (2017) will be a great option — highly recommend.

The smartphone is nice and bright 4.7-inch display, sufficient performance even for 3D games, normal camera, and most importantly — comfortable and fast operating system. The main disadvantages of the device — poor battery and the front camera is only 1.2 MP.

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