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Microsoft products succeed on the iOS platform

Microsoft continues to work to find its niche in the mobile market. With proprietary operating systems, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone this still does not work, but in Redmond have benefited from the popularity of the platforms of competing companies.

Created numerous Microsoft applications currently available in mobile OSes Apple with absent for Windows mobile. As noted Oszone, they are not just affordable, but also are in high demand and receive high user ratings.

Outlook, created on the basis of the company Microsoft bought Accompli, a vivid proof. The iOS app works quickly, economically spends a battery charge, offers a user-friendly interface and supports most email services. Since launching on the iOS app received more than 1,000 positive ratings.

Another successful example is the application Selfie presented a couple of weeks ago. During this time, it was downloaded more than half a million times. Microsoft Office and Word also popular: nearly 10,000 ratings and five stars out of five.

As for the software on its own mobile platform, the release of a mobile version of Windows 10 has once again been postponed. While some of the sources and did talk about the “death” of the platform.

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