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iPhone rests: why the legendary Nokia 3310 was popular Apple smartphone

Every year Apple beats the previous record of iPhone sales. In the last quarter of 2016, Apple has sold almost 80 million smartphones of different models. However, no iPhone, no other smartphone even comes close to the performance of the legendary Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 was released in 2000 and became one of the most successful selling models. The phone could well be the gadget at all times, if he hadn’t been taken out of production. For the time of release (late 2000) it sold about 126 million such devices. For comparison, the most popular iPhone 6 has sold “only” 75 million pieces. What is the secret to the popularity of Finnish smartphone?

The New edition of the Atlas published an article entitled “What have Nokia 3310 and have no smartphones,” which attempted to explain the reasons for the extraordinary popularity of the gadget. The most important advantage of the device was named for its strength. iPhone, despite increased strength and water resistance emergence, it is still dangerous to wear without a cover.

Another feature of the Nokia 3310, conquered users, has become a capacious battery 900 mAh allows the phone to run without recharging for more than 10 days (260 hours!) in the standby mode. As this apparatus was not designed for the Internet and had a huge bright screen, in the mode of everyday use and it easily lived for a week. IPhone owners, this is only a dream.

Owners of the Nokia 3310 did not need to participate in “beauty pageants phones” and worry that their gadget does not look respectable to others. Other advantages were the so-called “simple pleasures” – a fascinating game “snake”, a catchy ringtones and the vibration strength. What can I say, Nokia is doing was thorough.

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We will remind that last week company Global HMD, owner of the legendary brand, said that at MWC in Barcelona will present the updated version of your Nokia 3310. The model will cost $ 59. It is expected that it will be nostalgic smartphone owners. Technical characteristics of the device and its appearance are still kept secret.

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