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Yandex.Navigator for iOS and Android will help drivers to choose a lane

Mobile Yandex.Navigator will prompt Moscow to drivers which lane to choose. This will help not to miss a turn or navigate in a complex interchange.

Tips earned on the main roads within the ring road: at the entrance to the complex areas of the screen an icon will appear showing you which lane you should stay. Only the application designated 2,500 such places.

To be prompt, Yandex cartographers have studied the road signs and markings on the panorama of Moscow, as well as the records Navigator about the areas where motorists from time to time stray from the route. Muscovites often passing right congresses at the Taganskaya square, branching of Volokolamsk and the Leningrad highway, and also at the intersection of Leninsky Prospekt with the TTC. The team then traveled to the Navigator problem areas and finally determined place, which is hard to do without prompting.

Earlier, Yandex.Navigator also learned to warn drivers about the cameras, controlling speed on the road and the movement of the strip of public transport. In addition, now the data about traffic jams on the route are updated every one hundred seconds, which is immediately reflected in the forecast of arrival.

Download Yandex.Navigator for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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