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Apple gets patent on augmented reality glasses

Apple several years working on the technology of augmented reality, without disclosing any details of the application of research in practice. That Corporation continues to develop in this direction, evidenced by a new patent obtained by California technogiant.

According to the publication Patently Apple, the company received a patent that describes the ability to project information onto objects in the real world. The implementation of the technology can be very diverse, from simple description of the object to identify elements of the instrument panel of the vehicle and issuance of video clips with the principles of their work.

Previously, Apple has described the implementation of such a function in iPhone. In order to obtain additional data about the object of interest, you should bring it iPhone, the camera will capture the image, and the screen will display all available information. Now, however, the Corporation notes that the data can be displayed on semi-transparent surface, or glass. In this case, the user will be able to see the world around, and additional information.

Very similar intentions was at Google when the company was just beginning to talk about Google Glass, but today’s level of technology development leaves these projects at the level of theories and models.

While there is no data about whether to use Apple patented technology in the near future, or they will remain part of the portfolio of the Corporation.

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