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iPhone, MacBook and iPad – the most coveted gifts for Russians on New year

The device of “Apple” company – the most welcome gift for the New year among the Russian users, according to a survey conducted Mail.Ru Group. Analysts also found how to change the attitude of Russian consumers to electronics as a gift, for what means, or their credit, they plan to buy gifts for and how much willing to spend.

Among more than 50,000 respondents, 38% plan to spend on equipment as a gift over 20 000. Smartphones, tablets and laptops remain popular, they will be happy two thirds (68%) of respondents. However, to put under the tree, these gifts, less than a quarter of respondents (23%); however, significantly more than in 2015 (14%).

“The interest in the gadgets as gifts is stored. However, users accustomed to the new reality of prices and mentally prepared to spend more than 20 000 rubles for the purchase of equipment, it is the best result in the survey. Statistics confirm data from retailers: in the end of the year the demand for machinery has ceased to show a negative trend, mood for 2017 is positive. Many expect a price adjustment down gadgets, as well as further strengthening of demand. New year sale is already started to demonstrate,” commented analysts the results of the study.

The rating of expectations, as last year, led by smartphones – they want to get 40% of the respondents. In second place was the computers and completing the top 3 tablets. Smartphones are guided and those who are going to give the gadgets — the intention to present them as a gift said 53% of respondents. 16% plan to please close the tablet, 11% — “smart” watches or bracelets.

As in previous years, the majority of users want to Apple gadgets – 24% would like to have equipment of the company for the New year. 20% Samsung – this is the highest result for the brand in recent years. Traditionally, the top desirable of gadgets there is a technique Sony, ASUS and Lenovo.

Like last year, the majority of users plan to buy gifts in the shops and electronics of the Russian Internet-stores.

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