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Tim cook: Apple does not go the way of Microsoft

Apple does not follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and will not merge its desktop and mobile operating systems. At the BoxWorks conference said the head of the company Tim cook.

“We do not believe that it is possible to have a single operating system for computers and mobile devices, – said the head of Apple. – We believe that it will be minus for both systems. As a result, the user get a better experience at any of them.” “We focused on two platforms,” he said.

Microsoft, as you know, decided to develop one Windows 10, which will be available on different types of devices. Apple is merging iOS and OS X plans to maintain separate development paths, making the relationship more simple and profound. Unlike the company from Redmond, who decided to unify their OS, the manufacturer of Mac computers is convinced that multi-touch control and a mouse with a keyboard designed for different systems and tools.

Earlier that merging iOS and OS X is not included in Apple’s plans told the top managers of the company, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi. “We are not talking about a fundamental choice between this or that. In a world where you can have a smartphone, tablet and computer, to choose between them is not necessary. And more important that you can effortless to switch between devices,” said Schiller.

“The reason for saving in OS X UI is different from iOS, not that one system came after the other or one old and another new, said Federighi, talking about MacBook Air. Is a device in the past 30 years has been fine-tuned for optimal operation with the keyboard and mouse”.

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Apple considers the promotion of the two OS is the best solution for two computer environments, and simply snap the touch screen to foreign equipment — a wrong step. Judging by the statements of top managers of the Apple Mac in future security, and future versions of the OS will probably undergo drastic changes in appearance, the convenience and ease of use.

Speech at BoxWorks Tim cook said that his company has been beefing with Microsoft. “Apple and Microsoft are more for cooperation than for competition. And this is exactly what our customers want. Office on Mac is power,” added the CEO.

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