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iPhone 8 can get inductive charging Apple is technology Energous

There are several technologies for electric power transmission by air, including with laser, sonic waves and other methods. But the commercial one is the only one of electromagnetic induction, by which to transfer energy tried even Faraday and Tesla. Last year began to appear the rumors about Apple partnership with Energous company develops WattUP wireless charging range. Went the assumption that with it iPhone 8 can be charged within a radius of 5 meters.

Not long ago, the CEO of Energous, told reporters about the partnership with a major Corporation. “This is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. I can’t tell you his name, but I can guarantee that you have personally products this company on your office Desk or at home,” he said. Many thought that the way Steve Rizzon hinted at Apple, but the article Copperfield Research experts told, why the “Apple” company has no plans for using technology WattUP from Energous.

Team Copperfield Research has explored several patent applications Apple 2013, relating to inductive charging. And the number of applications and their content indicates that the company is working on its own wireless charging technology for future devices. To date, most of these gadgets work by magnetic coils, one acts as a receiver, and the other in the role of a transmitter of electricity, but not at the expense of radio waves, as is the case with Energous WattUP.

By themselves, patents do not disclose any of Apple’s plans, although the patent application Dating from 2011, clearly expresses the attitude of the American giant to the charges on the basis of radio frequencies. Engineers call them “very ineffective”, “not practical” and “potentially dangerous.”

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“This type of transportation emissions is very ineffective, because the consumer receives only a small part of the supplied or radiated power. Most of the energy propagates in other directions and lost in free space. Such inefficient power transfer may be acceptable to send the data, but it is not practical to transmit electrical energy to perform any work, for example, charging electric devices.

In addition, such schemes can pose a danger to objects or people in big and even moderate amounts of transmitted energy,” the analysts said.

In addition, Copperfield Research suggest that the rumors about Apple’s cooperation with Lite-On Semiconductor for the production of bridge rectifiers are signs that the company is interested in inductive charging. Bridge rectifier, explains Copperfield, are used to convert AC to DC current. This feature is required for wireless charging.

Rumors about the use of glass casing in the iPhone 8 also indicate plans to introduce wireless charging technology. Glass case is not required to charge on the basis of radio waves, but it is necessary for inductive charging.

“Leaks from Asian sources about the use of glass in the next iPhone have confirmed plans to introduce the technology of inductive charging. Inductive charging is not very efficient for the aluminum body, which has iPhone. One of the reasons why Samsung has long used plastic in its smartphones, is exactly the performance enhancement of wireless charging.

Analysts believe that the transition to glass in the manufacture of the iPhone indicate the use of technology to WATT. This is a misconception. Charging efficiency on the basis of radio emission (WATT) does not depend on whether to use aluminum or glass”, – added in the Copperfield Research.

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A patent application by Apple indicates the progress in the field of wireless charging technologies. In particular, the patent suggests that the company plans to provide simultaneous charging of multiple devices. For example, assume the use of the table surface with a built-in charging coil, table charging station, your PC or even laptop to provide power for iPhone and iPad. The device can transmit energy to each other – a fully charged iPad gives energy iPhone and Vice versa.

In Copperfield Research do not exclude the possibility of the partnership of Apple and Energous, which could help engineers from Cupertino in the study of wireless transmission of energy. However, they believe that the iPhone 8 will be used inductive charging.

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