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Muscovite has sued Apple money for an iPhone 6, because after two years

37-year-old resident of the capital has sued the Russian representation Apple money for purchased iPhone 6. The woman used the smartphone for two years. The court partially satisfied its claim.

Lefortovo court of Moscow has considered the claim Vitalina K. OOO “eppl Rus” to recover from the Russian “daughter” Apple money for purchased iPhone 6. According to her, the gadget began to luftig case.

The woman bought the iPhone 6 in a gold case in 2014, but a few weeks later she noticed the device started to move away the display. According to experts, this is one of the most common types of defects for this model. After contacting the store, she replaced the device.

Two years later, the Muscovite turned again to the Apple store to replace her iPhone, as and the second instance have the same defect. And although it came a few days before the expiry of the warranty period, she refused. The woman then appealed to the court.

From “eppl Rus” Mara demanded to return the entire amount paid by it for iPhone 6 and 36 990 rubles and compensation for moral damages in the amount of 15 000 rubles.

The claim was partially satisfied: in favor of the plaintiff was recovered the cost of the smartphone — 36 990 rubles, as well as moral damages in 2000 rubles. In addition, Apple was fined on 19 495 rubles.

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