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Google on the court can grant remote access to an Android device

Google on the court can remotely access the contents of devices running the Android operating system. This follows from the Prosecutor’s office published new York data. Apple’s decision to use encryption on all gadgets, may not have access to the data iPhone and iPad users, even by a court decision.

After receiving permission of the court, the security services can demand that Google to reset the password on the smartphone or tablet individual user. “This process can be carried out remotely Google that enables forensic experts to view content on the device”, — stated in the document.

According to the company, the old version of the OS (except Android 5.0) is installed on 74.1% of devices. Thus, more than half of the users exposed to such vulnerabilities.

New version of the OS — Android 5.0 and above is not subject to this rule, since they used full disk encryption, i.e. internal memory. However, by default this feature is disabled for most devices. Enable encryption in your smartphone. While working with files may slow down.

Apple cannot read the contents of their iPhone users with iOS 8 and higher, since option disk encryption is enabled by default. Previously, CEO Tim cook revealed that confronts the attempts of the us government to access users ‘ personal data under the pretext of fighting terrorism. At IT company in USA serious pressure to ensure that they have installed backdoors in encryption mechanisms to counter crime.

In Cupertino strongly oppose. As stated by Tim cook, Apple has never worked with any government Agency in the world for the purpose of obtaining access to the systems, products and services of the Corporation and did not provide access to their servers. His company treats privacy as a “basic human right”.

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