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Microsoft will remove “control Panel” of Windows

Microsoft will be removed from Windows “control Panel” is a classic feature of the operating system. About this informed the head of programs in Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc. According to him, ultimately “control Panel” would be replaced with “Settings” – once in “Settings” will be moved to the missing settings.

Join the discussion on Twitter Vice President Gabriel Aul the Microsoft explained that the simultaneous presence of “control Panel” and “Settings” complicates the design and leads to an increased consumption of disk space and RAM.

“Control panel” remains an integral element of Windows since Windows 2.0, released in 1987. It contains all the settings of a personal computer, includes such modules as “device Manager”, “Keyboard”, “Mouse”, “Personalization”, “Sound”, etc. In OS X are analogous to “System settings”.

Starting with Windows 8 operating system there is another system app settings, it’s called “Settings”. The interface of this app is optimized for touch screens. The number of settings in the “Parameters” increases as new versions and system updates.

The presence of two elements with system settings has been criticized by users. To make a single settings panel was one of the most popular requests for Windows 10, according to requests to Microsoft through the website UserVoice.

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