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In Russia launched the service: the bouquets, the young man and the Armani rental packages for “successful self”

In the eve of March 8 in Runet earned new services targeted to those girls who wants to look at the “selfie”. As reported by Lenta, the rental shall huge bouquets, boxes and bags with logos, Tiffany, Dolce&Gabbana, Guess, Gucci, Chanel, Armani.

Branded bags will cost 300 rubles, Russian Cum — 100 rubles. Some “rental” offer to “rent” a young man who will imitate in the picture boyfriend. The shape of his garment (shirt or blouse) can be arranged in advance. However, the person in the photo a young man is seen to not be.

With the help of bouquets administrators of services offer podeschi “to cause envy among friends or jealousy at the guy”. One of the founders of these start-UPS told him that the idea came to mind after a cafe he watched the three friends took their pictures in turn with the same bouquet.

In a network with irony reacted to the emergence of such rentals. Users acknowledged that the idea of the service is doomed to success, because many girls fixated on his image in social networks.

Some have suggested to develop the theme and voiced variants are possible: “I eat Maine lobster stuffed with caviar”, “me and my new Bugatti”, “I sunbathe on his yacht” and so on. Someone took it seriously, so the public pages in social networks it is already possible to find a car rental “to boast”.

Someone had mentioned that once-fashion photography 101 with rose now to put dangerous, because subscribers can not believe that someone from the fans really gave this bouquet.

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