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iMobie AnyTrans – best iTunes alternative

When it comes to content management, iMobie AnyTrans is the best iTunes alternative. While the word “alternative” in this case is not even entirely correct, as the program is in many cases much more convenient, faster, easier than iTunes.

AnyTrans app has a simple and intuitive interface that performs the same function data synchronization, and iTunes, but still possesses many useful functions, application Manager, file Manager and much more. Apple did a great job on simplifying the interface of iTunes but looking at AnyTrans, you know what to look for in iTunes.

Immediately when you connect the device, there is a cute animation and a list of shortcuts to the necessary functions. If you scroll down the page, there will be a Manager of iOS content. Located on top of another panel to access all functions.

As for data sync, AnyTrans works almost the same as iTunes, but allows you to add on the iPhone/iPad only some files prevents duplicates on the device. What is even more interesting, the program allows you to sync between two iOS devices.

If you use or have used iTunes, it can be connected to AnyTrans and to access libraries and backups.

ICloud syncing is working properly. It is noteworthy that iMobie had the idea to add support for multiple iCloud accounts in one program. Between them you can easily switch, and no need to log off and then log in. In addition, there is the ability to quickly transfer data from one iCloud account to another, do this after selecting the data categories in the upper right panel there is a special button. Each authorization using iCloud with AnyTrans protected by the standard used by Apple Inc, so for data security experience is not necessary.

How many times have you had to start all over again downloading a large file due to the fact that the previous download was interrupted? With AnyTrans you will not have to waste time on reloading the same file because the program simply allows you to continue downloading data with the place where it was interrupted.

The only drawback to iCloud – if set two-factor authentication, the app complains and asks to turn off, as some functions are not available.

A nice feature is having a full file Manager to access the file system of the iOS device. You can transfer files that way, but to view them you can, of course, only if you have installed the file Manager on the smartphone or tablet.

Using AnyTrans, you can manage virtually any content on your iOS device, including applications and music. Music you can download to your computer, transfer to iTunes or to another device.

AnyTrans allows you to “clone” device. For this you need to connect another iOS gadget to the computer and click “Clone Device”. In the same way using the function “Merge Device”, you can link two devices to quickly transfer data between them.

The app can be used to create and restore backups. Unlike iTunes, AnyTrans, you can immediately see which data is stored as a backup, and choose which ones you want to recover.


In the options you can customize almost everything to your taste. For example, AnyTrans offers immediately upon transfer to convert video to MPEG-4 or H. 264. There is a separate item for the Live Photos. They can convert to JPEG, MOV or GIF.

An interesting feature of the iMobie AnyTrans is the ability to download videos from YouTube and other popular hosting sites. You can also change the appearance of the application itself, downloading additional themes.

iMobie AnyTrans program is not free, after 6 days you will be asked to purchase a license. Connecting one computer will cost $39.99 and the family license for 5 computers is $59.99, for business users, prices start from $99.

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