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32 000 iPad in the “savings Bank” has already paid for itself

Amid falling demand for tablets among consumers, the demand for them from banks, on the contrary, grows. A striking example is the mention in a recent conference, Apple Russian “savings Bank” and purchase them 32 000 iPad. Thousands of tablets are used in offices for working with clients.

As found, the resource Bankie in 2016 “Sberbank” has implemented a new approach to customer service via mobile devices. More than 18,000 employees got hands on iPad. Most of them (17 000) — consultants in offices and staff areas “Sberbank Premier”. Also the tablets were distributed to specialists of the departments of merchant acquiring who. Several thousands of direct sales professionals products for payroll clients of the Bank will be provided with tablets this year.

The company said that the iPad is actually a mobile workstation. It allows you to more effectively serve customers by offering products and services based on established service history. Also, the tablet is used for individual training of employees, control their actions and efficiency.

Since switching to the technology of service with the help of iPad sales services remote maintenance consultants in Sberbank grew 20%. In the future we plan to implement a mobile workplace for managers of offices and other employees of the Bank.

The main task was to integrate tablets into the business model and sales model is “savings”. Using the iPad in the connected mobile banking, Internet banking, consultations, is a demonstration of services. CRM thus displayed on the screens of tablets, and the consultant can see all the information about the customer — name, passport data, ID card.

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Each iPad will be “tied” to a specific employee, and it allows “Sberbank” in General, to evaluate the effectiveness of its work. The Bank always knows how much an employee has sold and which customers worked. This allows you to generate management reporting and Analytics that you can then use to improve business performance.

In the “savings Bank” is satisfied with the use of the Apple tablets. There is a growth in the effectiveness of consultants and client managers of “Sberbank Premier”. For example, the effectiveness of consultants, which is determined by the number of sales increased by 20%. That was worth the cost of purchase of the tablet, and today is considering replicating the project to other employees. In particular, leaders and their deputies, as they spend a lot of time with customers.

At the moment, every iPad comes with the following applications: “Sberbank online”, “Thank you from Sberbank”, Visa, corporate portal of Sberbank, the training program, the calculator of calculation of bonus for the employee and several others.

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