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In iOS 9.3 confirmed the lack of a 3.5 mm of audio Jack in the iPhone 7

Apple will introduce its new flagship iPhone only at the beginning of autumn. However, today, thanks to the leaks we can get an idea about what will be new, what model will differ from its predecessors. Jailbreak developer known online as Kyoufujibaya, found in the code of iOS references to information about the lack of a 3.5 mm audio Jack of the iPhone 7. Previously, this information was hearsay and had no documentary evidence.

How do I find the developer, in the latest beta version of iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 there is a line that indicates that the iPhone is no headphone Jack, which will replace the generic Lightning port. In particular, the line “Headphones.have.%sinput.NO” one last testing release Apple. Data can be found in the file dyls_shared_cache_armv7s.

That the iPhone 7 will not be a 3.5 mm audio Jack in November of 2015 wrote a Japanese blog MacOtakara. Existing models of the iPhone already support audio output via the Lightning connector, on the market there are several models of headphones with this feature. Earphones that will come bundled with the new Apple smartphone will get a Lightning interface.

In addition to the wired headset for iPhone 7 Apple gotovit wireless AirPods model. She will be releasing wirelessly without cable connecting the left and right earphone. The device will communicate with a smartphone via Bluetooth, the gadget can be used for calls and communication with voice assistant Siri. Sources claim that the headphones receive the noise reduction system and will work without recharging up to four hours, pajaritas using wireless portable charging station.

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Before Kyoufujibaya found mention of iOS in the technology of Li-Fi, allowing to use led lamps to transfer data. This is possible due to the ability of such lamps to turn on and off with great frequency. It is not fixed by the eye, but quite visible to sensors.

It is expected that Apple is working in this direction, especially that the near future is clearly for the systems of “smart” home automation and everything. And in this segment such technology may come in handy.

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