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Expert: Android will soon overtake iOS in terms of security

The Google Pixel is not inferior in terms of security of the iPhone, said in a recent interview with an expert in the field of computer security, Adrian Ludwig. In addition, he assured that in the near future Android will overtake competitor. Intrigue adds what Adrian Ludwig works at Google and is responsible for the security of Android.

Writes Onliner, a specialized platform Safety Net daily scans 400 million Android devices and 6 billion applications to find security vulnerabilities and possible threats. In addition to the various activities aimed at security enhancement. In the end, to smartphones and tablets gets a small part of malware, he says. According to statistics, this software can be found on 1% of Android devices.

The expert noted that the news about any serious “viruses” that can attack a significant number of devices running Android, most is information about the concept of vulnerability exploitation. One of the obvious problems, the existence of which is recognized Ludwig, is the slowness of vendors and mobile operators — they often delay the release of updates for the operating system.

Earlier in October, Vice-President of Microsoft brad Anderson criticized the security of Apple’s mobile platform, compared to Android devices. In Redmond, said that enterprise users can no longer trust iOS.

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