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How to speed up your Mac

Over time, computer technology has the ability to perform more slowly, “to hang out”. Unfortunately, it is inevitable even for Mac. There are a few method that will help to raise the productivity of Apple computers to a higher level.

1. Update or reinstall macOS

The most common misconception is that the new operating systems are more resource intensive. In some cases this is true, but, as a rule, with updates manufacturers fix many bugs and improve performance.

A good option would be to perform a clean installation of the OS with each major release. Yes, it is not very convenient, but applications like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Keychain will help with data transfer.

2. Clean system from garbage

Over time, the operating system accumulates a lot of garbage, including old applications, files, utilities and much more. They occupy space in memory run when the computer is turned on and become very irritating to the user. At first glance it may seem that one application does not solve anything, but if you remove several programs will be, so can be a good idea to clean the system.

MacOS Sierra has a built-in optimization feature that ensures that the junk files do not linger on your hard drive. You can also disable the automatic startup of applications.

If you don’t like the idea of finding unnecessary data manually, come to the aid of the program DaisyDisk or CleanMyMac. But it should be borne in mind that this way you can remove and important information.

3. Upgrade RAM

Once almost any Mac allowed the user to replace or expand the memory. Unfortunately, now can only be done with the iMac and Mac mini.

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Greater amount of RAM means you can store more data without accessing the hard disk, which significantly speeds up work. Of course, it is always better to buy memory with the stock, but if you have an older Mac, then replacing the RAM would be the best option for speed.

4. Install the SSD

In our days buy a Mac without SSD already is not possible, but older devices can be installed hard disk. In this case, of course, need to replace it with a SSD. This one moment will ensure an increase in performance and speed, especially on the models with a spindle speed of 5200 rpm.

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