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In “assistance” created an alternative to macOS and Windows for work with state secrets

A subsidiary of state Corporation rostec — JSC “national center of Informatization” — developed secure operating system, which is designed to work with the data constituting a state secret.

The system “Axis” can be used in data processing centers (DPC) on servers and client workstations. According to “Izvestia”, the operating system created based on Linux, is currently undergoing testing in the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation. Application for inclusion in the registry of domestic software companies have filed 11 APR.

A distinctive feature of the Axis by developers the ability to integrate into third party software, particularly created for MS Windows. According to the Director for project activities of the Institute of development Internet (IRI) Arseniy Delcina, it is extremely important for a “smooth migration for domestic applications”.

“There is a strategic task — to reduce dependence on foreign solutions through a smooth transition in the Russian operating systems, office applications and other applications, said Weltzin. — Compatible with programs designed for Windows that are important for a smooth migration of the domestic application.

It is reported that the Axis is primarily intended for use by the Federal and regional authorities, local government, state corporations and companies with state participation.

The head of NP “RUSSOFT” Valentin Makarov said that the new system can be applied for critical facilities in various sectors of the economy. Security, said the Makarov is important wherever possible to damage the population and the state.

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