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Apple sued for illegal use of the word “Animoji”

Enrique Bonansea, a U.S. citizen residing in Japan, has filed a lawsuit against Apple for using the word “Animoji”. It is reported by The Recorder.

Bonanza, claims that he registered the brand Animoji in 2014, and patented in the patent and trademark office in 2015. This phrase he used in the title of your app “Animoji™ — Free Animated Texting” messaging. It is available in the App Store since 2014.

The plaintiff reports that Apple knew about the app Animoji and even offered to purchase the trademark before the presentation of the iPhone X. the Company has applied to the patent and trademark office to obtain rights to the brand. The manufacturer used The Emoji Groub Law LLC to acquire “Animoji”. Bonanza, says that at the end of 2017 had planned to present an update of its application, but he had to hurry up and release it early. It was made to the term Animoji in the public consciousness was not associated only with the function of iPhone X.

Animoji TrueDepth uses a camera to capture the facial expression of the user, and then mimic it.

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