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Why Chinese smartphones with top features is several times cheaper than iPhone

Analysts said the reasons why the smartphones from China are 2-3 times cheaper than counterparts from the US, South Korea and Taiwan. In this case we can talk about models with top specifications.

First of all, the cost of smartphones from China are lower because of savings on the Assembly. Such famous brands like Apple and Samsung, is used for the rear panel of expensive materials, and in China are content with plastic. The iPhone uses better components which are more expensive. Often Chinese manufacturers choose the Mediatek processors which are inferior in performance Ax Apple or Qualcomm, but much cheaper.

Chinese manufacturers do not attract professional designers, experts for testing and calculation of durability of their devices, so it often happens that each new model is similar to the previous one. Manufacturers from China are rarely, develop and implement revolutionary technology for smartphones. They are interested in creating from devices already on the market.

Also, the Chinese are cutting back on advertising and promotion of smartphones. Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC spend millions of dollars a year to tell customers about the benefits of their products. Television advertising, billboards, sponsorship and support from celebrities extremely expensive and add a significant proportion to the cost of the gadget.

Therefore, the products of manufacturers from China is almost unknown in Western countries. However, there are relatively well-known brands like Meizu, Huawei, Xiaomi and others.

Although all these methods reduce the cost of production can and do not like to many consumers, but they work, and users can get an affordable device with top performance.

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