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Roskomnadzor has asked the anonymizers to block banned in Russia sites

In the service blocked by Roskomnadzor in January of this year, said that the Agency is trying to achieve from anonymizers and VPN services blocking is prohibited in the Russian websites.

Roskomnadzor has requested the VPN service check the “technical possibility” of restricting access to websites blocked in Russia, told “Vedomosti” CEO Markus Saar and gave reporters copies of letters from officials. According to him, with the same proposals, the Agency turned to other anonymizers. which is now called, was blocked in January 2017 due to the presence on the main page of the input string for quick anonymous visit any website. Despite the fact that the service has eliminated the violation, Roskomnadzor did not hurry to release the lock and asked to ban the visit VPN blocked in Russia sites.

Chapter said that he considered such requests pressure and output beyond the powers of the regulator, so did not comply with the requests and have made the unlock with the help of lawyers. According to Saar, the anonymizer Cameleo, on the contrary, went to work.

Anonymizers are prohibited, because with their help, users are able to access blocked sites, said the representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy, citing jurisprudence. If the VPN service introduces a ban on visits to blocked sites, the regulator considers the problem solved. Some services already banned from visiting websites that are blocked in Russia, added the representative office.

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